Weddings/Events FAQs

Do you require a contract and deposit?

No Contract or deposit is required. We just ask that you send an email to the Catering Manager confirming the date, delivery location, delivery time, headcount, menu and drinks (if any). We must have received full payment 48 hours in advance for your order to be prepared and delivered.

Do you provide staffing or servers?

We deliver and get everything set up and ready to serve, but we don’t stay with the food or come back for anything. Everything is disposable, and there’s nothing you have to return. If you need servers, we recommend contacting Single Barrel Events or The Pour Guys, as they’re hired quite frequently to serve our food.

Do you provide paper goods, chafing stands and sternos?

We provide disposable plates, forks, knives, napkins and serving utensils, as well as cups and ice if you order drinks. We provide wire chafing stands and sternos. This is all included at no additional cost, so it does not affect the price either way.

Can we remove the brownies or substitute something in their place?

Removing the brownies takes off 25 cents per person, or it would deduct 25 cents from anything they are substituted for.

What time will you deliver?

Whatever time you prefer! It takes about 20-30 minutes to get everything set up and ready to serve.

When does the order need to be placed and when do you need a final headcount?

A month in advance is plenty of notice, and we can adjust the final headcount all the way up until a couple days before.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes. The delivery fee is determined by the delivery location. The standard delivery fee is $30 regardless of the size of the order. This fee includes delivery and setup.

Will you send me a quote?

Yes, due to how heavy order volume currently is it’s taking a little bit longer than normal to put quotes together. If you need an immediate cost estimate, you can plug your menu into our online order form at It won’t accept Saturday orders due to the 100 person minimum, but it will allow you to plug your order in and give you a total cost without placing the order.

Can we come sample your food?

Absolutely! The same quality that you are going to find in one of our restaurants, is the same product and quality that you are going to get at your wedding or special event. The reason why you are going to get a superior product, at a more affordable price, is because we have the same standards for every aspect of our business.

Additional Notes

We have a 100 person minimum for Saturday orders, and we are closed on Sundays.

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